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The First Million Gives You the Tools to Finally, Confidently Build your Business to Your First Million Dollars So You Can Provide for Your Family, Live a Free & Fulfilling Life, and Become a Leader in 90 Days or Less Without Any Guru B.S. Guaranteed.

What You'll Get as a Member

For a limited time, Multi-Million Dollar Business Owner and Investor Wesley Rocha Reveals His Secret System For Creating Multi-Million Dollar Businesses For The First Time Ever in 'The First Million' Club

Weekly Zoom Calls

Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls with Wesley
Learn new strategies each and every week you can use to grow and manage your business.


Access to our Exclusive Facebook Group
Access recorded coaching calls, ask questions and network with other business owners.

Million Dollar Guest

Special Guest LIVE Interviews w/Q & A
Get access to behind the scenes interviews on the podcast from million dollar entrepreneurs.

Solve Challenges Faster Together

Being a part of The First Million community gives you access to others who can provide guidance, wisdom and support for you and your business.

  • Solve Challenges Faster - When you experience challenges in your business, you can often feel alone, having no one to turn to. Having guidance and advice from entrepreneurs who have traveled the road before you can save you years of frustration.

  • Outside Perspective. When you are in the "weeds" of your business, it can be difficult to see opportunities that may be hiding in plain sight. Simply adding another perspective can uncover what's right in front of you.

  • Expand Your Mind. Discover new ideas, concepts, marketing opportunities and strategies that you've never even knew existed.

100% FREE for a Limited Time

For a limited time I'm opening the doors to my exclusive club, where I teach businesses the fastest and easiest ways to grow their businesses to their first million and beyond.


Wesley Rocha

CEO | Marketer | Investor - Entrepreneur since 2001

Of course like any business, you've had ups and downs, great months and bad months... and I could probably say I've made almost every mistake in the book of business, but I've always managed to pull through, innovate, pivot, and keep going.


I learned that the first million can be the hardest...


...BUT it doesn't have to be!


My mission is to help other entrepreneur's reach their goals faster by giving them the shortcuts and strategies I and others had to learn the hard way in creating million dollar plus businesses.

Let Wesley Help Guide You to The Next Level in Your Marketing, Mindset and Success in Reaching The First Million and Beyond in Your Business


"I want to help business owners re-ignite that passion, drive and innovation inside them to take their business to the Million Dollar level and BEYOND!"

Don't miss out on this opportunity to become a member and discover the secrets to creating the first million in your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Why is it free?

Why do I need this?

Will it work for my business type?

What makes you different from other gurus?

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What You'll Learn as a Member:

  • Enforcing a Positive Mindset & Destroy Limiting Beliefs

    Often overlooked, mindset is one of the most important factors in success inside and out of business. In the First Million Club, we will discuss specific tactics to become motivated, stay motivated, and build habits because even the strongest dams sometimes fail.

  • Manage Yourself, Your Time and Your People

    As business owners, our greatest skill is the ability to leverage what we have. That is precisely why in The First Million Club we go over proven methods of efficiency, leadership, and time management in order to make the most out of what we can control.

  • Growth Strategies, Innovation & Marketing

    We get down and dirty in guiding you through applying the intricacies of our growth strategies, marketing, and innovation techniques to your business. In The First Million Club, we show you how to analyze, strategize, and execute in order to turn your current business into one generating over $1 Million!

  • Plus Much, Much More!

    I'll cover these and more key impact areas that can help you breakthrough to your first million and beyond!

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A membership and podcast for Entrepreneurs to learn how to break beyond the first million dollars in their business. Discover what it takes to shift your mindset, curb expenses, deploy marketing strategies to grow, and much more!

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